Want the secret to winning Rock Paper Scissors? Ask a dog trainer

A BBC story reveals the secret to winning at rock-paper-scissors. The answer is something that we dog trainers tell our human clients all the time: if something works, an animal is going to do it again. » 5/02/14 10:15pm 5/02/14 10:15pm

5 Ways To Make Your Dog's Walks More Fun

In addition to providing exercise and a chance to pee and poop, walks are full of opportunities for your dog to learn about the world and develop good behaviors. An enriching walk will also help tire out a dog out both mentally and physically, which can result in better behavior during the inside portions of the day.… » 2/06/14 5:37pm 2/06/14 5:37pm

Louis CK Speaks Dog on Conan in 1993

Just when I thought my Louis CK crush couldn't get any bigger, I find this. I'M DOOMED. Although the best line comes from Robert Smigel here: "That's not how a Cocker Spaniel sounds." To quote myself circa 1993: Duh hickey! » 10/11/13 11:38am 10/11/13 11:38am

App For Dog: The First App Made Just For Dogs

Our friend Laura Tallardy designed a new app, App For Dog, based on the work we've been doing at School For The Dogs teaching dogs to manipulate iPads with their noses. » 9/23/13 6:00pm 9/23/13 6:00pm

A Perfume Made For Women Who Love Men And Dogs

As a single female dog trainer in New York City, I think a lot about ways in which I can be most appealing to animals. Specifically, single men and dogs of all genders. The answer is Fideau, a perfume for every woman who loves dogs (in a non-sexual way, of course). » 9/13/13 2:04pm 9/13/13 2:04pm

This Dog Was So Matted That She Forgot How To Walk

This week something resembling a small Snuffleupagus arrived at an animal shelter in Denton, TX. Underneath was Ginger, a 4-pound, 14-year-old poodle who had been the victim of a hoarding situation. » 9/12/13 8:01pm 9/12/13 8:01pm

An Illustrated Guide To Socializing A Dog

Sara Reusche of Paws4U and Lili Chin, a contributor to TheDogs, just collaborated on this lovely poster that covers how to introduce a dog to the world around them in a positive way. This is a lot of what we do at School For The Dogs' puppy socialization class. It's all about classical conditioning — pairing new… » 9/09/13 11:39am 9/09/13 11:39am

I Ate Dog Food For Breakfast And It Was Fine

Both of these are granola bars. One is also dog treat. I ate the dog treat for breakfast today to experience what many Hollywood executives did a few weeks ago when a failed marketing campaign made them think a dog treat was actually an energy bar. » 8/27/13 2:33pm 8/27/13 2:33pm

Why You Should Teach Your Dog To Use An IPad

At School For The Dogs, my training partner Kate and I have been doing something kind of silly recently: We've been teaching dogs to use iPads. » 8/12/13 12:40pm 8/12/13 12:40pm

This Scooter Is Dog-Powered and It Works Great

Big dogs need a lot of exercise — far more than most of us humans can give them. What do they expect us to do? Run? Throw a ball? There are just too many things we need to be watching on Netflix. But what if they could get their exercise while giving us a fun ride at the same time? Enter the Dog Powered Scooter. » 7/03/13 2:52pm 7/03/13 2:52pm

The Next Frontier of Pet Worship: Cat Litter Jewelry

For the cat lover who has everything: Cat food and litter rings. I have yet to locate any dog poop rings or kibble jewelry. But I think I can live without. » 7/01/13 3:45pm 7/01/13 3:45pm